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Rochelle Staab is the bestselling author of the Mind For Murder Mystery series.


If you ever wondered what if or why, stayed up late to find out whodunit, or read the last page of a story first, then you understand the need to know. Welcome to my site, mystery lover. Curiosity compelled me to write and take on the challenge to create characters, put them in danger, then answer the who, what, where, when, why, how, and what ifs, all the way to The End. Instant entertainment every day.

The Mind For Murder Mystery series features pragmatic Los Angeles psychologist Liz Cooper, and religious philosophy professor Nick Garfield. Nick studies the occult. Liz dismisses it. Do I believe in the occult? What I believe doesn't matter. Liz and Nick's investigations in the Los Angeles occult subculture uncover coincidences and twists of fate that even a skeptic like Liz cannot ignore.

I am convinced, however, that fortune favors action. While writing the Mind for Murder Mysteries—set in Los Angeles, a city filled with history and mystery—I stepped away from Google and Wikipedia and took to the streets to research settings for each novel. My writerly setting hunt grew into a fascination with Los Angeles history. Curiosity led to a bookstore where I came across an L.A. hiking book titled Secret Stairs. Secret? Sounded like a mystery treasure map to me! And it was. Bought the book and others, and since then I've spent Sunday mornings exploring the Los Angeles area with my hiking partner, Barbara Beck. Our adventures, with photos, are catalogued in our blog—Hiking Los Angeles: the Urbs, Burbs, Staircases, and Trails. Now well-versed in locations for (fictional!) hideouts, body dumps, and escape routes, I can also recommend the creative benefits of spending quality time out in Mother Nature.

If serendipity brought you to this site, I hope curiosity brings you back.


Latest Book:

A Mind for Murder Omnibus

In author Rochelle Staab's bestselling Mind for Murder mystery series, classic Hollywood noir gets a modern, mystical twist. An L.A. psychologist who eschews all things supernatural matches wits with a handsome professor of the occult as they team up to solve Tinsel Town's spookiest murders...

Divorced psychologist Liz Cooper doesn't believe in fate, but it sure seems like an otherworldly force is bent on her working with occult professor, Nick Garfield. Whether Liz is tracking a tarot card killer, investigating a neighborhood witch, or clearing her own name in an unusual murder, the strange cases keep coming. And while Liz takes a practical approach to sleuthing, Nick explores the more alternative theories. But be it with practical evidence or preternatural clues, Liz and Nick won't quit until the cases are solved.

Now, readers can enjoy all the suspenseful, fast-paced whodunits in the Anthony and Agatha nominated, Watson Award winning Mind for Murder series, collected for the first time in this omnibus, which includes Who Do, Voodoo?, Bruja Brouhaha, and Hex on the Ex. Packed with snappy banter, sizzling chemistry, and a supporting cast of characters as unique as L.A. itself, the Mind for Murder mysteries are a smart and sophisticated series that proves it's far more fun when great minds don't think alike.

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