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Rochelle Staab
Book Carnival, Tustin, CRIME QUIZ LIVE!, January 2018
Rochelle, Tyler Dilts, Sue Ann Jaffarian

Rochelle Staab
Vroman's Pasadena, July 2017
Rochelle with LAst Resort Authors

Rochelle Staab
California Crime Writers Conference, June 2017
Hallie Ephron, Rochelle, and William Kent Krueger

Rochelle Staab
LA Times Festival of Books, April 2017
Rochelle, Craig Buck, and Tammy Kaehler

Rochelle Staab
SinCLA Librarian Tea, April 2017
Rochelle with Maria Alexander, Laurie Stevens, and DJ Adamson

Rochelle Staab
Left Coast Crime Honolulu, March 2017
Patty Smiley, Rochelle, and Nancy Cole Silverman

Rochelle Staab
Sisters in Crime in Hollywood, April 2016
Alison Sweeney and Rochelle

Bouchercon, Long Beach
Am I ready to moderate this famous group?
Bouchercon, Long Beach, November 2014
with Rhys Bowen, Sue Grafton, Sharan Newman, Ann Parker

Left Coast Crime Monterey
Left Coast Crime, Monterey, March 2014
with honorary tiara queen Lucinda Surber

Nancy Drew Convention, Hannah Gruen
Nancy Drew Convention, San Diego, June 2014
at the mystery costume party with Hannah Gruen lookalike

Sue Grafton
California Crime Writers Conference, Pasadena, June 2013
with Sue Grafton

Elizabeth George
California Crime Writers Conference, Pasadena, June 2013
with Elizabeth George

The Watson Award!
Left Coast Crime; Colorado Springs, CO, March 23, 2013
Winner of the 2013 Watson Award for Best Sidekick!

Mysterious Galaxy
Mysterious Galaxy Redondo Beach CA, February 9, 2013
with Avery Aames (top left), Kate Carlisle (lower left), and Harley Jane Kozak (lower right)

Bouchercon 2012
Bouchercon, Cleveland OH, October 2012
with Sophie Littlefield, Nancy Martin, Rochelle, Deborah Coonts, and Tracy Kiely

Mysterious Galaxy
Mysterious Galaxy San Diego CA, August 24, 2012
with Jenn McKinlay and Kate Carlisle

Bookstar Studio City
Bookstar, Studio City CA, August 18, 2012

Bookstar Marquee
Bookstar, Studio City CA Marquee

LA Times Festival of Books 2012
RWA 2012, Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim, CA
"Readers For Life" literacy signing

LA Times Festival of Books 2012
Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, April 21, 2012
Who Do, Voodoo? signing at the Sisters in Crime booth

Mystery One Bookstore Signing
MYSTERY ONE BOOKSTORE, November 15, 2011, Milwaukee, WI
Rochelle signs Who Do, Voodoo? for Dr. Randy Levin, former high school Senior Lit classmate!

Spirits of St. Louis—BOUCHERCON 2011,
September 15-18

Sing the Blues Panel
BOUCHERCON 2011, St. Louis, MO
I Got The Right To Sing The Blues Panel
From left: Wallace Stroby, Mark Billingham, Jonathan Hayes,
Rochelle, Bryan Gilmer, Roger Ellory

ITW desk
BOUCHERCON 2011, St. Louis, MO
At the ITW desk in the bookroom
From left: Rochelle and Hank Phillippi Ryan

Thriller Fest 2011
THRILLERFEST VI, July 2011, New York, NY
Thrillerfest Panel
From left: J.L. Saint, Janice Gable Bashman,
Jonathan Maberry, Jeannie Holmes, Rochelle, Dakota Banks

Left Coast Crime 2011
LEFT COAST CRIME, March 2011, Santa Fe, NM
Supernatural Panel
From left: Rochelle, Kris Neri, Margaret Lucke, Darynda Jones, Nancy Atherton

Bouchercon 2010
BOUCHERCON, October 2010, San Francisco, CA
Spooks For Sale Panel
From left: Rebecca York, Rochelle, Juliet Blackwell, Victoria Laurie,
Judy McCoy, Toni Kelner

Rochelle Staab